Qualities Of The Best Laminate Flooring

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Best laminate flooring is great because it looks as good as hardwood flooring. On top of that it is absolutely durable and very easy to maintain. Choosing a great quality laminate floor is not easy. But getting a good quality one will save you money and make your floor
look beautiful for a long time.

laminate flooring


Qualities of the best laminate flooring

• The durable fusion of materials

This multi layer assembly of the laminate flooring is what gives its strength and durability to last for many years unchanged. Several materials are used to make the floor and give it character. Together this materials form a surface that is resistant to all nature of tear and wear.

• Easy interlocking installation

interlocking installation

This makes installation of laminate flooring very simple and clean. There is no need of nails, fasteners or glues. It also makes it affordable to be installed as not many hours will be spent fixing it. This system also allows the floor to contract and expand according to temperature changes without destroying the floor.

• Authentic visuals

The aesthetic appeal is probably the quality one should most look for when choosing best laminate flooring for your home. The top layer should be artistically detailed to imitate the color, texture and grain of hard floors. Some laminate flooring are so attractive and highly defined to make a photographic imagery of the actual thing.

• Thickness of the board

Thickness of the board

Choose one that is dense and thick. A thicker core ensures more stability and feels more like a hardwood floor. It also ensures it is more durable in high traffic areas and more comfortable when stepping on it.

• Warranty

Best laminate flooring also entails the warranty period. Longer warranties are always better. This ensures you are covered in case of staining, fading, scratching and all sought of early wear and tear.

Best laminate flooring also means quality cores that are treated with water resistance substance. To know which the best is for you there is a system referred to as AC rating system. AC5 represents the most durable while AC1 represents the least durable. Traffic and number of years you will stay in that specific house should inform your choice of a laminate floor.


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